Infinix Zero Ultra

Hong Kong-based smartphone manufacturer Infinix is ​​becoming increasingly popular when it comes to the smartphone world. The company, which also has a significant audience in Turkey, is preparing to come with a high-end model. The company shared a promotional content about Infinix Zero Ultra.

Infinix Zero Ultra comes with 200 megapixel camera, 180W fast charging
The smartphone world has witnessed great developments in recent years. Infinix, which wants to be one of the pioneers of these developments, sets the bar with some features in its new model. 180W Thunder Charge draws attention in the promotional content of the Infinix Zero Ultra, whose introduction date is approaching.

Infinix announced the 180W Thunder Charge earlier this year. The introduced fast charging feature got its first model. On the other hand, the device also comes with ambitious camera features. According to the share, the model will be released with a 200-megapixel main camera. However, there is a small obstacle in front of the device to fully reflect the camera features.

Infinix Zero Ultra includes Mediatek’s Dimensity 920 on the processor seat. However, the processor supports dual cameras of up to 20 megapixels or single main cameras up to 108 megapixels. The company may include a dedicated ISP to support the 200-megapixel camera. In addition, there is a triple camera array at the back according to the content of the ratio. However, the features of the other two cameras have not been shared yet.

According to previously obtained information, the device will be supported by a 4,500 mAh battery. On the front panel, it will have a 120Hz OLED display with 2.5D curved edges. The screen will be a 6.8-inch panel with Full HD+ resolution. The new Infinix model will come with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. Finally, Infinix Zero Ultra is expected to be released on October 28, 2022.

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Black Friday

The whole world is waiting for Black Friday for shopping spree and big discounts. On November 25, which is the most special day of the year for many people, we will see discounts not only on technological devices, but also on all platforms and products from A to Z chain stores to online shopping sites. Amazon, on the other hand, is a little luckier, as it organizes a similar campaign for Prime subscribers. Here is the Prime Day Turkey history…

Amazon’s 2nd Prime Day date has been announced! 11-12 October
Amazon Prime Day 2022, or Prime Shopping Festival as we know it in Turkey, was actually held between 18-25 July. Here, hundreds of thousands of products in 28 different categories, from electronics to toys, from beauty to decoration, are on sale.

However, Amazon has announced that it will launch a new campaign for Prime members, which we can call the pre-Black Friday warm-up tour. The company marked October 11-12 as the Prime Day date. In other words, even though it has been a few months, it will organize a similar event for the second time.

When we think of shopping spree abroad or Black Friday, we think of products up to 80-90%, sometimes even free to attract customers. In Turkey, on the other hand, this expectation was exceeded in recent years.

The biggest reason for this is that sudden stock discharges were observed in many products 1-2 months before Black Friday. Then, scenarios emerged where the prices of the products increased considerably in the process and when the time came for a discount, they were offered for sale as if they had been discounted from the old price.

But Amazon says that it will come up with real discounts of up to 80 percent in this two-day period. Moreover, it is stated that this campaign was organized not only in Turkey but also in 15 different countries. Also, as in July, it can make a surprise by extending the campaign to 1 week.

Note: Only Prime members who subscribe for 7.90 TL per month can participate in the Amazon Prime Special Offer Days, which will be held on October 11-12. You can click here for Prime benefits.

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AirPods Pro 2

Apple introduced many new products, including the iPhone 14 series, at its event on September 7. One of the products introduced at the event was AirPods Pro 2. The headset received its first update before it was 3 weeks old.

AirPods Pro 2 update comes with bug fixes and other improvements tag
Apple’s new headset received its first update with the version number 5A377. The company states in the release notes that the update is coming for bug fixes and other improvements. However, we do not yet know what these improvements are.

Apple has started to distribute the update for its new AirPods. There is no way to do the update manually. Apple sends the headset update via Bluetooth to iPhone, iPad or Mac devices. Select AirPods from the Bluetooth option to check if the update is available on your AirPods Pro 2. You can click the “More Information” option indicated by the “i” icon and follow the “About” path.

Powered by the H2 chip, the new Apple headset uses a new ANC (active noise canceling) feature thanks to its advanced computing capabilities. The personalized spatial sound feature helps the user adjust the sound to their ears. Apple’s Find My app is supported on this device. The device has a new speaker grille above the charging case. In this way, when you lose your place, it will be able to give you a voice call.

The device promises up to 6 hours of life on a single charge. If you include the box, you can stay away from the socket for a total of 30 hours. When we compare it with the first generation, we can say that the earphones are 33 percent better and the box is 25 percent better. Finally, the price of the AirPods Pro 2 model was announced as 5 thousand 399 TL.

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Anadolu Group introduced the domestic electric commercial AOS BIG.e model!
The domestic electric commercial BIG.e model, developed by AOS, the new automobile brand of Anadolu Group, targets the urban transportation market. Moreover, with the IAA Transportation Fair it participated in Europe, we see that its purpose is export. Of course, this does not mean that we will not see it on the streets of Turkey.

AOS BIG.e features will change according to the selected package. On the range side, there are 2 options, 80 km and 150 km. These vehicles will have top speeds of 60 km/h and 80 km/h, respectively.

When we look at the carrying capacity of the vehicle, it is stated that the 4 cubic meters of space at the back can accommodate a load of 1 ton, that is, up to 1,000 kg. In this way, we understand that it can undertake many urban transportation tasks alone, especially when the high-range model is selected.

Moreover, since it is completely electric, the operating cost will be very low. Another plus is that it doesn’t need a station to charge it. By plugging it into any outlet in the workplace, you can fully charge the model with a range of 80 km in 3 hours, and the model with a range of 150 km in 5 hours.

The BIG.e model is expected to go on sale in the first quarter of 2024. It is stated that many companies that offer cargo, package service and distribution services are already aspirants. Because even the fuel advantage it provides compared to internal combustion vehicles makes it print its name on the preference list.

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Volkswagen Arteon, which replaced the Passat CC in 2017, will end production in 2024. The company will produce the electric Volkswagen ID.Aero model instead of the Arteon. Here are the features of the Volkswagen ID.Aero…

Elektrikli araç pazarında refiksi artayır. After the Tesla Model 3, Volvo Polestar 2 and Toyota bZ3 models, Volkswagen has accelerated its work for a new electric vehicle.

Yeni Amiral gemisi belli oldu: Volkswagen ID.Aero features
According to a recent report from Automotive News, the production of the Volkswagen Arteon is due to low sales numbers. ABD pazarında within 5 years about 7.000 units sold Arteon, the company kaşilayamadı my expectations.

ID.Aero, the company’s Yeni Amiral gemisi modeli olacak, presented a few years ago to the interest of automobile enthusiasts. The model stated to have a range of approximately 620 km will be equipped with a 77 kWh battery. 340 beygir küke takıbı takışımde modelde, iki adet elektrik Motoru kullanılakak. 22 inç çift rangılı jantlar The 0-100 km/s acceleration time of the model expected to be introduced will be 5.4 seconds.

Almanya’da testleri realizilen modelin 2023ın çeyreğinde şiştişte gireceği beşirtiliyor. Volkswagen, Chinese and European markets will start deliveries in 2024. ABD pazarında ise is expected to be released in the second half of 2024.

The Volkswagen ID.Aero is expected to have a starting price of 50,000 dollars. Features in ABD market, Tesla Model 3 Ile rikifikkedi ediði, the model specified, so far the customers’ attention has been successful.

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Asus recently introduced the ExpertBook B3 Detachable model, a Microsoft Surface competitor. According to leaked information, Microsoft accelerated the work for the ARM-based Surface Pro 9 5G.

2’si 1 arada olarak kamikan kompakt kompaktarların popülaritesi artmaya devam ediyoor. According to industry information from Windows Central, among the models Microsoft will introduce this year are Surface Laptop 5, Surface Studio 3 and Surface Pro 9.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 5G features
Most of the Surface Pro models produced today are powered by Intel processors. According to information released, Microsoft will use its own developed SQ3 processor in the Surface Pro 9 5G model. It will be built on top of the Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 with 64-bit Qualcomm Kryo chips, and users will see performance improvements.

On ARM technology, Microsoft is accelerating its work on the Windows-on-ARM desktop computer named Project Volterra. According to Zac Bowden, this PC is powered by a Snapdragon 8cx Gen3 SoC and features the same neural processing unit (NPU) AI expected to be introduced in the ARM Ile Surface Pro 9.

Surface Pro 9 5G, which is expected to have a new profile, will be introduced with Type-C input. 5G features bir Surface Pro 9, Microsoft’s first 5G non-telephone device.

Microsoft is expected to introduce the Surface Pro 9 Yeni bir Surface Studio and Surface Laptop together with the Surface Pro 9 in the next few weeks. Yeni modeller’s price is not known yet.

Snapdragon 8cx Gen3 features as follows;

Windows platform and ilk 5nm process
Qualcomm Smart Transmit technology for mmW/Sub6
Selefinden Yüksel performansött. Fakat daha Low power consumption.
2x b/w, ek bant, 4K QAM
CPU performance shows an 85 percent increase.
GPU performance shows a 60 percent increase.
DPU’da (FP16) 4K kadar HDR support
120 FPS variable frame rate (VRR)
Improved corporate security features
UFS 3.1 support
Camera security for Windows Hello

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Vivo, which has gained an important place in the market with its mid and upper segment smartphones, continues its production to continue this rise. The company has been continuing its ambitious course with its Y and V series phones recently. Finally, Vivo Y22s took its place among the introduced ones.

Vivo Y22s is powered by Snapdragon 680 chipset
Smartphone maker Vivo introduced another model that can be classified as a relatively mid-upper segment. The company introduced its new model in Vietnam. On the other hand, the device processor seat is equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 680 chipset.

Vivo Y22s was introduced with a 6.55-inch LCD panel that produces 720 x 1612 pixel HD+ resolution on the front. The panel has a 90Hz refresh rate, up to 530 nits brightness, and a 70 percent NTSC color gamut. In addition, on the front, a small notch design stands out. This centered notch houses an 8-megapixel front camera.

The new Vivo model is equipped with 128 GB of internal storage and 8 GB of RAM. In addition, there is a microSD slot for internal memory. There are two camera slots on the back of the device. These slots are equipped with a 50-megapixel primary snapper with f/1.8 aperture and a 2-megapixel macro camera.

Vivo Y22s will come out of the box with FunTouchOS 12 based on Android 12. While the device is powered by a 5,000mAh battery, this battery will have 18W charging support. The model, which was released in navy blue, yellow and green options, was offered for sale for $ 256.

NVIDIA’s cloud gaming service GeForce Now wants to consolidate its position as the most important player in this field with the innovations it is working on. The platform, which has been operating in our country since last year, brings innovations for Chrome users.

GeForce Now boosted to 1440p and 120fps in Chrome
NVIDIA’s service called GeForce Now is reaching a significant number of users, making it possible to play modern games even on older hardware. The company pressed the button to make the platform even more perfect. GeForce Now is getting a massive upgrade to 1440p and 120fps in Chrome.

The new Nvidia upgrade has certain conditions for it. Members of the service’s RTX 3080 tier, which launched last year, can access new browser gaming options today by opting for 1440p in the web version of the service. Previously, the web version was limited to 1080p at 60fps. With the new upgrade, it has been increased up to 1440p resolution with 120 fps on computers and Macs. On the other hand, Nvidia provides its service in Turkey via Game+. On the other hand, the games added to GeForce NOW Powered by GAME+ this week are as follows;

Tyrant’s Blessing (New Release on Steam and Epic Games Store)
Farthest Frontier (New Version on Steam)
Arcade Paradise (August 11 on Steam and the Epic Games Store)
Cult of the Lamb (August 11 on Steam)
Rumbleverse (August 11 on the Epic Games Store)
Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus (August 11 on the Epic Games Store)
Infinite Lagrange (Steam)

There are different membership packages for GeForce NOW Powered by GAME+, the version in Turkey. The service, which also has a standard free package, also has hourly and weekly rates. On the other hand, it has three different main packages. These Premium packages include priority access, unlimited play (renew every 6 hours) and RTX active options.

Nobel Prize-winning scientist Prof. Dr. Aziz Sancar has made an important discovery for the treatment of brain cancer. Sancar found this discovery by chance while searching for an answer to a question he wondered about the DNA Repair System that won him the Nobel. Here are the details!

EdU molecule could be used to treat brain cancer
Aziz Sancar, one of Turkey’s leading scientists, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2015 for his mapping studies on how cells repair damaged DNA and preserve genetic information. According to an article by Orhan Bursalı from Cumhuriyet, Sancar and his team made a new discovery for brain cancer. According to the news, Sancar and his team discovered that the EdU molecule used in the experiments could be used in the treatment of brain cancer. However, it was stated that the findings of the study were also published in the journal ‘PNAS’ of the American Academy of Sciences.

The scientist also stated that he made his discovery as a result of coincidence, and this result will make many people happy. “This is a very surprising discovery, a great coincidence. While doing another experiment, something very different happened that shocked us all of a sudden.”

Also, according to the news, Sancar told a little about his discovery. According to his narrative, the Human Nucleotide Excision Repair System, which won Sancar an award, removes and repairs 26 nucleotide sections in DNA when damaged. The famous scientist also stated that they proved this in the test tube, but they wondered if it also happened for the human cell.

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