Black Friday

The whole world is waiting for Black Friday for shopping spree and big discounts. On November 25, which is the most special day of the year for many people, we will see discounts not only on technological devices, but also on all platforms and products from A to Z chain stores to online shopping sites. Amazon, on the other hand, is a little luckier, as it organizes a similar campaign for Prime subscribers. Here is the Prime Day Turkey history…

Amazon’s 2nd Prime Day date has been announced! 11-12 October
Amazon Prime Day 2022, or Prime Shopping Festival as we know it in Turkey, was actually held between 18-25 July. Here, hundreds of thousands of products in 28 different categories, from electronics to toys, from beauty to decoration, are on sale.

However, Amazon has announced that it will launch a new campaign for Prime members, which we can call the pre-Black Friday warm-up tour. The company marked October 11-12 as the Prime Day date. In other words, even though it has been a few months, it will organize a similar event for the second time.

When we think of shopping spree abroad or Black Friday, we think of products up to 80-90%, sometimes even free to attract customers. In Turkey, on the other hand, this expectation was exceeded in recent years.

The biggest reason for this is that sudden stock discharges were observed in many products 1-2 months before Black Friday. Then, scenarios emerged where the prices of the products increased considerably in the process and when the time came for a discount, they were offered for sale as if they had been discounted from the old price.

But Amazon says that it will come up with real discounts of up to 80 percent in this two-day period. Moreover, it is stated that this campaign was organized not only in Turkey but also in 15 different countries. Also, as in July, it can make a surprise by extending the campaign to 1 week.

Note: Only Prime members who subscribe for 7.90 TL per month can participate in the Amazon Prime Special Offer Days, which will be held on October 11-12. You can click here for Prime benefits.

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